Who We Are

Indian Egg Donors is the premier resource in New York City and across the United States for those who are looking for egg donors. We work with top fertility clinics and have clients world-wide. Our company was founded when a couple of East Indian origin, living in Manhattan shared their story with our IVF Specialist. After unsuccessful IVF attempts, they had decided to look for an egg donor. They were having a very difficult time finding a donor that was within their budget and with whom they felt comfortable. The couple felt confused, frustrated and financially drained.

When our CEO heard about their struggle, he began Indian Egg Donors as a means to make the process easier for this couple and many others in similar situations. We provide a conscientious and caring approach to help you through the egg donation process.

Since then our egg donor database has expanded to include a variety of different options. These include:

  1. Egg donors of Indian origin in the United States
  2. Egg donors of Indian origin in India
  3. Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and Asian egg donors in the United States
  4. Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and egg donors in the United States available to be egg donors for surrogates in India
  5. Low cost surrogates to carry your baby in the the United States
  6. Low cost surrogates in India

Why Use Us

Through our Surrogacy Overseas program, patients can now achieve the same clinical success rates as traditional surrogacy programs - AT HALF THE COST!. As an example, in the United States, surrogacy can cost up to $100,000+ but in India, surrogates are available for $35,000/live birth. Indian Egg Donors and their clients enjoy a 80% success rate, with over 100+ live births..... And Counting.

Indian Egg Donors is the only licensed agency in the United States that specializes in overseas surrogacy programs. We have looked at over 100 different IVF centers in India and have narrowed it down to 2-3 that have success rates and also operate their IVF center with the same cleanliness and surgical standards as IVF centers in the United States.

The egg donors in our database include a combination of Indian, Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and Asian egg donors from a variety of backgrounds. The vast majority of these donors are in the age range between 21-29, have college degrees, and are smart and beautiful. As the intended parent, we leave the choice of which egg donor is the perfect match for you and who meets your needs.

We are very easy to work with and follow a step by step process:

Egg Donation

  1. Search egg donor database
  2. Send us or give us a call with your choices
  3. We will check donor availability
  4. Upon confirmation, complete and submit application forms and we will send your egg donor directly to your IVF clinic

The egg donation process is anonymous. Neither you or the egg donor have contact with each other.

See Video Below To Be an Egg Donor

Surrogacy Overseas in India

  1. Complete application forms and send
  2. If an egg donor is needed, select from our database
  3. We will send a sperm collection kit to collect sperm in the privacy of your home and then ship to India through our American clinic
  4. When you complete the sperm shipment, specify if you want a boy or girl for sex selection
  5. The embryos are then created at one of our of affiliated IVF clinics in India and then transferred to a surrogate.
  6. Go in 9 months to India to pick up your baby.

Video on our Overseas Surrogacy Program
As seen on fox 5 news (Aired on 4/30/2012)

You Control the Donor Matching Process

In traditional egg donation programs, a patient's egg donor selection options are limited to the egg donors that are presented to the recipient by "the program". When you utilize Indian Egg Donors, you are in complete control of the egg donor selection process. After you register with us, we give you full access to all the information available for every egg donor within our data base. Our highly experienced clinical staff is available throughout the egg donor selection process to answer your questions and offer any assistance you need in finalizing your egg donor selection.