India boasts the largest pool of Indian egg donors, with over one billion individuals.

Paid Donors: These donors are from a variety of backgrounds. We are fully aware that in choosing an egg donor, you are not merely aiming to achieve a pregnancy, but also making choices about the genetic make-up of your future child. Our donors come from a variety of backgrounds, many of whom are housewives in the age range of 22 to 30, who already have 1 or 2 healthy children.

Who we are

At Indian Egg Donors, we have provided Egg Donor and Surrogacy services since 2008, assisting numerous Intended Parents in achieving their dream of having babies. Our Agency is fully licensed and registered by the States of New York and California as well as certified by the FDA.

We currently do hundreds of egg donations and surrogacies every year.

The Program in India

IVF and Egg Donation Options in India

We have teamed up with some of the largest and best-known IVF physicians running programs with the latest fertility technology in India, Other IVF centers in India require you to come to India for monitoring and ultrasounds during the pre-donor preparation phase. For many couples this is a cost-prohibitive expense.

When you partner with Indian Egg Donors, the initial 3–6-week pre-egg donor phase can be performed in the United States, and we will work closely with your current IVF physician to maximize success. After the initial pre-egg donor phase is finished, you will travel to New Delhi, India for about two to four weeks to complete the program.

Here, the male gives a sperm specimen, your egg donor will donate her eggs, and the IVF staff creates the embryos in the IVF laboratory, which are then implanted in the potential mother.

IVF and Egg Donation Options in India

Choice of IVF Center in India:

There are numerous IVF Centers in India that provide these services with varying quality and results.

After extensive review of hundreds of these IVF clinics, we have limited our referrals to only two clinics in India, one each in Delhi and Mumbai. These two clinics are certified by the USA FDA (Federal Drug Administration) in India and have meet the FDA quality and performance standards.

Essentially you are getting American Quality IVF in India at Indian prices.

The program in India is designed to meet American IVF standards and all egg donors are screened medically in India to comply with FDA specifications for embryo transfers. We are one of the only centers in India to have such stringent health care specifications to ensure the healthy, disease-free transfer of embryos to recipients.

The program in India is managed by gynecologists with over 20 years’ experience. As the program has been designed by New York City physicians, couples going to India for the egg donor program can expect the same level of treatment and expertise as they would at any major IVF clinic in America.

In addition to top quality health care and results, another benefit of using these outstanding IVF centers is that you can bring your surplus frozen embryos back to the USA for another try or additional child, with a NOC (No objection certificate).

You cannot bring embryos from a non-FDA Certified clinic to the USA.

The steps: From the USA to India:


Call our office at 1-212-661-7673 or e-mail us for a pre-egg donor package and consent forms. Please complete the forms and return them to the address in the form instructions. Include copies of all your medical records as well as reports for past IVF treatments or other fertility attempts.


Upon receipt, the forms and medical history are reviewed by our staff. If you live in the New York City area or within proximity, we recommend that you come in to the office for a personal consultation with one of our associates. If you are outside of the New York City area, please specify a time and date for a phone consultation. This is the best time for you to discuss all your concerns, medical history, preferences, and other issues. The associate will then advise you on the next steps.


Next steps will depend upon your medical history. If you are in the New York area, egg donor pre-pregnancy cycles are available through Patients Medical . For the potential mother, these will include a complete gynecological exam as well as a sonogram and, depending upon your medical history, may include endocrinology testing, hormonal level reports, testing for heavy metal toxins and any other tests the gynecologist may deem necessary for the best possible outcome.

For Best Results

The best results are achieved when the donor eggs are fresh, the sperm donor produces a fresh sperm specimen at the hospital in India, and the potential mother is ready to receive the newly formed embryos as blastocysts on or around the fifth day when they are ready for implantation. This process will require you to spend about 2-4 weeks in India.

IVF and Egg Donation Options in India
IVF and Egg Donation Options in India


The total cost of treatment in India is a low cost of $16,000.

This includes all payments to the Donors, IVF costs and medications for the donor, essentially all costs in India except as noted below.

The same program in the USA would cost around $40,000.

Costs not included:

  • The costs to prepare the recipient in the United States. These will be all the costs you incur in the USA, getting ready for the transfer prior to your trip to India. In many cases these may be covered by your health insurance.
  • Travel costs to India. We can help arrange low-cost housing in New Delhi or Mumbai for your stay.
  • Medication for recipient mother to be after transfer.
  • Collection fees for sperm samples with analysis and storage.
  • Storage of the remaining embryos after the transfer.

Getting Started:

In summary, getting started only requires the following few steps:

  • At home: Complete paperwork for Forms #1, #2 #3 and #5 from the package we sent you and return it to us.
  • Do not send any money. We will invoice you separately for payments.
  • Specify whether you wish to do the donor cycle in New Delhi or Mumbai
  • We will then send you profiles of egg donors from these locations to review and choose from.
  • Select an egg donor you like, and the clinic will start the donation process and either have the donor ready for a fresh transfer, or freeze her eggs, so they are ready for your arrival in India.
  • Your spouse can in parallel start her IVF preparation treatment at a clinic near your home so you can minimize your stay time in India. The clinic in India will send her the medical protocols to follow.
  • Schedule your trip to India. As needed, we can help you with travel arrangements, pickup at the airport and accommodation for your trip.
  • Plan on being in India for about two to four weeks.

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