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Age and Fertility

Previously it was believed that female fertility decreases significantly after 35 years of age. However, latest research suggests that women are most fertile when they are between 19 to 26 years old, after which fertility decreases significantly with each passing year. The statistical data indicate that by the time women reach 27 to 34, their chances of getting pregnant are 40% less than those who are under 26.

Consequently, a woman has only a 30% chance of getting pregnant after 35 in any given cycle, with even less chance if the male partner is 5 years or older (due to defects in the quality and quantity of sperm).

Hence, the younger the age at which you can freeze and save your own eggs for your own use, the easier it is for you to get pregnant at a later age of your choice. The best age is before you are over 26 years old.

Fertility preservation or egg freezing has made it possible for women to conceive their own biological child when they are ready to do so. This is ideal for women who choose to delay motherhood and extend fertility.

Typical Cost:

Egg freezing typically costs about $18,000, including medication at many IVF Clinics.

Our Unique Free Freezing Option:

You donate some of your eggs to childless couples and as compensation you get one cohort (6 frozen eggs) of your own eggs for free.

An Example is Tina

She is a 26-year-old Indian girl, who is busy with her career, and is healthy. She wanted to do this as a proactive health and wellness choice to preserve her options for the future. She didn’t want to feel pressurized to find a partner as soon as possible because her biological clock is ticking and to have a baby before she is 35 years old.

Plus, she felt good about being able to do good by helping an infertile couple. Her mother was very proud of her because of her generosity!

As the first step, Tina called our office at 1-212-661-7673 and discussed the process with our staff.

Tina had all her questions answered and felt comfortable. For the second step, she was scheduled for a free medical and fertility exam at the egg freezing center.

This was important for Tina as she was subconsciously concerned about her own ability to get pregnant and have children. The good news is that she passed the screening with no problems.

After that, for the third step, Tina was scheduled for the egg freezing at the IVF Center.

Six weeks later Tina waits for the one-hour procedure. She produced about 12 eggs. Six were frozen for her use and the other six were donated to a childless couple so they could have a child. The couple paid for the cost of the egg harvesting and freezing for Tina.

This was a “win-win” for both. Tina got her frozen eggs, and the couple received the eggs they needed to have a baby.

Things You Should Know About Being A Donor:

  1. Being a donor does NOT cause infertility. By freezing your eggs you are preserving your fertility..
  2. You will need to go to about 6 doctor's visits in a 2-month time frame.
  3. It should not be painful, it is just uncomfortable at best.

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Egg donation is possible through advancements in medical technology and the beauty of the human heart. Without people like you, couples struggling to have a child would have little hope.

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