Who Are the Surrogate?

Full Concierge Level Services Provided Details

In summary, we provide complete comprehensive concierge services along with discounted agency fees.

For surrogacy in USA, the services include:

  • Finding your qualified surrogate
  • Shepherding her through full medical and psychological clearance
  • Managing your surrogate’s legal clearance and contract negotiations
  • Arranging the surrogate’s total compensation and benefits package
  • Overseeing clinic procedures from IVF treatment to delivery, encompassing all clinic appointments and procedures.
  • Complete oversight of the surrogate and pregnancy until you are home with your baby

Indian Egg Donors has been offering surrogacy services in the United States since 2008. Our seasoned physician coordinators are industry pioneers, boasting decades of expertise. We handle all the intricate tasks with care and efficiency.

We provide services worldwide. We are based in New York City, next to Mt. Sinai Hospital. Our physicians have the privilege to practice there. Babies from our surrogacy program have been delivered to the hospital.

Indian Egg Donors’s world-class team will manage every step and every task of your journey. Our seasoned physician coordinators are industry pioneers, boasting decades of expertise. We handle all the intricate tasks with care and efficiency. These include planning your IVF cycle, finding a surrogate, managing escrow and finances, and monitoring your surrogate during pregnancy.

Surrogacy can lead to strong and lasting connections between the surrogate and the intended parents. Certain surrogates value the chance to establish fresh connections and contribute to a supportive community for the intended parents.

Who Are the Surrogate?

Our surrogates in the USA are recruited from all around the USA and are typically American citizens living in different cities. Many of them are between their late 20s and mid-30s. Most commonly they are stay at home moms with one or two children.

What is a surrogate mother?

Why does a female wish to be a surrogate mother?

There are several reasons why a woman in the USA might choose to become a surrogate mother. It is important to remember that every individual’s motivations are unique, and a combination of factors might influence their decision. Some common reasons include:

  • Altruistic Surrogacy
  • Altruism: Many surrogate mothers genuinely want to help others who are unable to conceive or carry a baby themselves. People may have a close relationship to fertility and medical issues. This can draw them to help those going through similar experiences. Alternatively, they may just feel the need to help.
  • Commercial Surrogacy
  • Financial Compensation: Surrogacy can be a financially rewarding process. Surrogate mothers in the USA often choose commercial surrogacy. They receive payment for their work, as well as the potential medical risks of pregnancy and childbirth. For some women, this can be an attractive reason to become a surrogate.
  • Emotional Satisfaction
  • For some women, the For some women, the experience of pregnancy and childbirth can be emotionally fulfilling. They may have enjoyed their own pregnancies and wish to relive the experience by helping others achieve their dream of parenthood.
  • Personal Growth
  • Becoming a surrogate mother can be a transformative and empowering experience. Some women may choose to become surrogates to challenge themselves or to grow personally.
  • Building Relationships:
  • Surrogacy can lead to strong and lasting connections between the surrogate and the intended parents. Some surrogates appreciate the opportunity to form new relationships and be a part of a support network for the intended parents.

Some women may have experienced generosity in their own lives. As a result, they decide to become surrogates so they can give back to those in need. Some women may be motivated to help others build a family through surrogacy due to their religious or community beliefs. This could be because of their cultural values. A woman’s motivations for becoming a surrogate mother can be complex and multi-faceted. It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive. The decision to become a surrogate is deeply personal and individual.

Surrogacy Process

Welcome to "The Surrogacy Process – Your Roadmap to Bringing Your Baby Home."

Here's an outline of the fundamental steps in the surrogacy process in the USA:


Research Surrogacy

The initial stage of the surrogacy journey involves delving into research and gaining knowledge about surrogacy. This encompasses familiarizing oneself with the various types of surrogacy arrangements, comprehending the legal and financial dimensions associated with surrogacy, and acknowledging the potential emotional hurdles that may arise. It is imperative to collaborate with a reputable surrogacy agency that can offer valuable guidance and assistance throughout the surrogacy process, thereby fostering a constructive experience for everyone involved.


Plan Your Journey

After making the decision to pursue surrogacy, the subsequent step involves mapping out your journey. This encompasses selecting the most suitable surrogacy program, locating a surrogate, and navigating through the necessary legal and medical procedures. This process entails defining your surrogacy objectives, establishing a budget, and collaborating with our surrogacy agency to choose a qualified surrogate.


Your Custom Roadmap

We'll work closely with you to strategize and prepare for your surrogacy journey. Our aim is to ensure you fully grasp your financial and legal obligations, providing comprehensive details about the program. Transparency is key, and we'll ensure that all the fine print is clear and easy to understand.


Match with a Surrogate

Finding a healthy and suitable surrogate is a crucial phase in the surrogacy journey. Our agency will assist you in choosing a surrogate who aligns with your unique requirements and preferences, ensuring they are both physically and psychologically fit. This process entails carefully assessing surrogate profiles and conducting thorough medical and psychological evaluations.


Surrogacy Agreement

After selecting the surrogate and reaching agreements on compensation and other matters, the legal contract is then completed. Usually, the Intended Parents employ one law firm, while the surrogate is represented by another. Often, these law firms have previous experience working together, facilitating a smooth process.


Funding Escrow

Your payments are securely held in an online escrow account, accessible from the comfort of your home computer. This enables you to monitor the account and ensure that your funds are utilized in accordance with the agreed contracts.


Dedicated Coordinator Throughout Your Entire Process

Personal Coordinator Throughout Your Entire Journey: We assign one of our physician coordinators to assist you throughout the process. They will be your companion, advocate, and mentor, ensuring you receive all the assistance you require during your surrogacy journey.


Surrogate Support

Your physician coordinator will offer support to your surrogate, ensuring her journey is comfortable and free from stress.


Medical Clearance by Your Clinic

Before the embryo transfer, the surrogate mother will undergo medical examination and evaluation at the selected IVF Center where the procedure will be conducted.


Embryo Transfer

After finding a surrogate match, the subsequent step is to initiate the pregnancy process. This includes collaborating with a fertility clinic to generate embryos and transfer them to the surrogate's uterus. Our surrogacy agency will assist you in navigating this journey, offering guidance and support throughout the nine-month pregnancy experience.


Transfer To Obstetrician

As your pregnancy progresses, your fertility center will decide when it's appropriate for your surrogate's Ob/Gyn to assume responsibility for the medical care of both your surrogate and the baby.


Support for Nine Months

We offer support throughout the entire nine-month period. Your coordinator will maintain regular communication with your surrogate during her pregnancy to ensure everything is progressing smoothly. You'll receive regular updates from your coordinator, and we'll stay in touch with your surrogate, providing ongoing support throughout her pregnancy.


Making a Birth Plan

During the midway point of your pregnancy, we'll collaborate with you and your surrogate to develop a Birth Plan, marking an exciting milestone to prepare for the arrival of your baby.

Additionally, we'll liaise with lawyers to review the legal parentage process, ensuring that your parental rights are appropriately established.


Prepare for Your Baby's Arrival

As the due date nears, it's crucial to get ready for your baby's arrival. This involves crafting a birth plan and arranging for the baby's care post-birth. Our surrogacy agency is here to assist you with these preparations and offer guidance and support whenever required.


Your Baby is Born

It is a time of joy and happiness!


Arrival of Your Newborn

Think about being present at the hospital for the birth of your newborn. Witness those first precious moments as your baby comes into the world. It will be a truly joyful experience!


Your Baby Is Released from the Hospital

Following your baby's birth, they typically go to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). There, they undergo examinations to ensure they are in good health.


Your Baby Typically Gets:

Your baby will usually receive a birth certificate, a social security card number, and a passport if needed. These documents, along with other birth-related paperwork, will be provided to you before you leave the hospital, ensuring you have a complete set of records.


Conclude Your Surrogacy Journey

Upon the birth of your baby, your surrogacy journey reaches its conclusion. Nonetheless, it's crucial to recognize that surrogacy entails continuous emotional and logistical support. Our surrogacy agency is available to help you navigate the post-birth phase, providing assistance and resources to facilitate your transition into life with your baby.


Final Accounting of Expenses

Upon the baby's arrival home, we will settle all outstanding bills and close your escrow account. Any remaining funds will be refunded to you.

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