Become an Egg Donor

This protocol is similar to Surrogacy Using IP Eggs and Sperm.

Only difference will be an additional cost for the egg donor. This is summarized below:

We have designed the process, so you only must make one trip to India to Pick up your planned beautiful baby. International surrogacy is a four-step process.

  • Free Consultation & Form Packet
  • In the USA The process starts with a complimentary consultation, conducted either over the phone or in person, with one of our surrogacy specialists. You will learn the details of how your surrogacy would work, including birth certification, citizenship, international regulations, and costs. If you decide surrogacy is the right option for your family, we will give you the necessary forms to get started.
  • Select An Egg Donor From Our Online Database
  • At Home in the USA Log on to our online egg donor database to select a donor. You will have a very wide range of donors to choose from, featuring lots of details about each one. In addition, we will send you profiles of other egg donors available in India based on your specific needs
  • Make first trip to India to start the process
  • During your trip, you will meet with your attorneys, the staff at the IVF center, give a sperm specimen, go through the IVF process, and create the embryos.
  • Second Trip to India: PICK UP YOUR BABY IN INDIA.
  • A 2-4 week visit to New Delhi or Mumbai We will help you plan a trip to India, where after nine months you will pick up your new baby. Our attorneys in India will help you with all the paperwork including getting an Indian passport for your baby.

Pricing Policy

  • All payments are made in stages and are non-refundable
  • Fees are payable in advance and treatment will not be started until payment is made
Application form and agreement $250
Start of surrogate selection process $15,000
Egg Donor Fees (if egg donor is needed) are covered under a separate agreement $8,000
Legal Fees (Payable to Attorney) $5,000
Confirmed Pregnancy $15,000
At the sixth month of pregnancy $15,000
Total Cost $58,250

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