Indian Egg Donors has been providing surrogacy services in the United States since 2008. We specialize in offering a range of full-service surrogacy programs at lower costs, making them accessible to all intended parents. If cost is a concern, we encourage you to consider our affordable International Programs as an option.

We offer our services globally and are in New York City, adjacent to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where our physicians practice. Babies born through our surrogacy program have been delivered to this hospital.

At Indian Egg Donors, our expert team will handle every aspect of your journey. Our seasoned physician coordinators, with decades of experience, are industry leaders who manage all intricate tasks involved. This includes planning your IVF cycle, finding a surrogate, managing escrow and finances, and overseeing the surrogate's pregnancy.

Intended Parents can rest assured knowing they will not have to lift a finger during their journey with Indian Egg Donors.

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