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Step by Step surrogacy Process for NRI and OCI Indians

The Surrogacy Process for those seeking to have a baby in India is summarized below:

  • Call our office in Manhattan and set up a time to meet with us by phone or Zoom for a one hour no cost discussion. If you live out of the New York area, we can arrange for a phone consultation. During this time, we will answer all your questions about the surrogacy process.
  • If you are comfortable with the process, the next step would be to fill out the paperwork and return the forms to us.
  • Once we receive the paperwork, we are ready to get started.
  • The next steps require you to make two decisions – the first about an egg donor and the second about arranging for your sperm to reach India.
  • Choice of Egg Donors: We have egg donors from a variety of backgrounds available. Indian egg donors are available in India. Pictures and profiles are available for your review. Once you pick the egg donor, we check availability and start the donor cycle for the donor. In the event the donor you select is not available, we will find you a substitute that is a close match. We always provide you with several donor profiles that meet your specifications to select from and ask that you select your top 3 choices.
  • Sperm Transport to India: It is illegal to transport sperm, eggs, or embryos India.
  • Best IVF Center in India: Our goal is to get you USA level IVF in India at Indian costs.
    • To achieve this goal, we will refer you to one of the two IVF Centers in India that is certified by the USA Government Federal Drug Agency (FDA) in India. These centers provide a combination of outstanding medical care using state-of-the-art equipment.
    • The other benefit of using them is that you can ship your surplus embryos back to the USA for additional procedures as needed. You cannot do this with a non-FDA certified center.
  • First trip to India: The best and only option for sperm is to make one trip to India to give a sperm sample. Use this trip also to meet with the IVF Clinic personnel and your attorneys to get the legal paperwork in place. They will manage all the surrogacy details for you, and you can return overseas in peace knowing things are going well.
  • Choice of Surrogate: The IVF Clinic will find you an excellent surrogate. Our surrogates are always Indian women who are proven mothers. This means that most are in their mid-20's in age and have had at least one child. The child has been examined to confirm it does not have any birth defects and only then will the surrogate be assigned to you. The appearance and background of the surrogate have no effect on your future baby's appearance.
  • What affects the baby's health is that the surrogate is in good health and follows a physician approved diet, medical testing, and healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. This is arranged for at the surrogacy center where the mother stays during her nine-month pregnancy until your baby is ready for delivery. During this time, a small gift by mail of clothing or chocolates to the surrogate are always greatly appreciated.
  • Second trip to India. About a week before the delivery, we would like you to come to India. Please bring your original birth certificate and US passport with you.
  • Our facilitator at the center will arrange for hotel accommodations for you in India and arrange for you to be picked up at the airport as well as arrange for a car and driver for your convenience during your stay. In the event you wish to travel in India, the facilitator will help you with all your travel plans.
  • Now the exciting part! When the time comes for the baby to be delivered, we would like you to be present in the delivery room. As soon as the baby is born it is given to you to hold as the proud parent for a few minutes before it is gently transferred to the baby clean up area and the neonatal nursery where it will stay for a few days until you are ready to return to the United States with the baby.
  • Please pick a name for the baby. As soon as it is born it will have your name on the birth certificate.
  • The next step is a DNA blood test to match your blood with that of the baby. This confirms that you are the legal parent of the child.
  • Bringing Your Baby Back to the USA: The facilitator will then go with you to the closest American Embassy where you will take this blood test, your passport and birth certificate with you. Upon presentation of these papers, and other necessary forms, the US Embassy will issue you a visa for the USA if you have an Indian passport, or a US Passport for your baby if you are an OCI and you are now ready to bring the baby home to the United States.
  • Upon arrival back in the United States or your overseas country of residence, the first thing you need to do is to add the baby to your health insurance and take the baby to a pediatrician near your home for a checkup and to get your baby started on the right newborn diet.

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