Our journey at www.IndianEggDonors.com is a story of dedication, innovation, and a commitment to building families. Let us take you on a journey through our history and values.

Founding and Evolution

In 1974, Manhattan witnessed the inception of our medical practice, www.PatientsMedical.com, by visionary physicians Dr. Warren Levin and the renowned Dr. Atkins of Weight Loss fame. Fast forward to 2004, where Dr. Rashmi Gulati took the helm of our practice.

In 2006, we embarked on a transformative expansion, venturing into the realm of Reproductive Medicine, steered by the capable hands of Dr. Satty Gill Keswani, a Gynecologist and Reproductive Endocrinologist par excellence.

Dr. Keswani, a trailblazer in fertility techniques and artificial insemination research since 1990, has overseen the birth of over 1,000 precious babies and paved the way for the incorporation of egg donor and surrogacy services into our practice.

Since our establishment in 2006, Indian Egg Donors has been dedicated to simplifying the intricate journey to parenthood for individuals who often face daunting challenges. Our approach is deeply rooted in personal experience, guiding our philosophy. With a dedicated and experienced team, we offer unparalleled service and support, serving as a reliable compass for intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates navigating this complex path. Our exceptional team draws from our own journey, equipping us to provide all stakeholders in this partnership with top-tier resources, unwavering support, and essential information to enhance the likelihood of success.

This unique approach and wealth of experience have garnered Indian Egg Donors the trust and admiration of leading fertility experts across the United States, India, and China. Notably, some of the most renowned and respected fertility professionals in these regions frequently refer patients to a select group of agencies, with Indian Egg Donors proudly included. Moreover, some exclusively recommend IED. This resounding endorsement serves as irrefutable evidence of IED''s position as the gold standard in service, recruitment, and matching within the fertility industry.

The Surrogacy Revolution

The year 2006 marked a surge in demand for affordable surrogacy services in India, ultimately culminating in the birth of over 25,000 babies to surrogates by 2012, with a significant portion hailing from the West, including the USA and Europe.

In 2008, we responded to this burgeoning need by launching www.IndianEggDonors.com , offering surrogacy journeys in India for under $30,000, a fraction of the cost in the USA, thus establishing our dominance in the market. This reign continued until 2015 when the Indian Government restricted surrogacy for non-Indians.

Our Current Mission

Our medical practice, www.PatientsMedical.com, situated near Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, remains dedicated to providing reproductive medicine support for Intended Parents facing medical challenges. We also offer gynecological examinations and initial screenings for egg donors and surrogate mothers, Dr. Cosar is no longer with Patients Medical.

While we do not directly provide IVF services, we refer our patients to a network of established, top-rated centers across the USA.

Global Success

Our overseas surrogacy practice under www.IndianEggDonors.com continues to thrive. Our affiliated surrogacy center in Ghana, boasting a team of 100+ medical professionals led by an IVF Physician trained at the University of Michigan, offers American-standard IVF services for only $49,000, setting a global standard in affordability and quality

The center conducts over 600 IVF, surrogacy, and Egg Donation journeys annually, with a remarkable 100% success rate for embryos sent from USA fertility centers. This remarkable achievement results in healthy newborns.

Expanding in the USA

Our USA egg donor and surrogacy practice is on a continuous growth trajectory. We''ve supplied donors to 100+ IVF Centers across the USA, including prestigious institutions like Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Harvard), Standford , NYU, and Johns Hopkins.

With a database of over 1,000 top-quality Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers, we provide Intended Parents access to these resources for their family-building journeys.

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