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Who we are

Since 2008, Indian Egg Donors has focused on providing the tools and support to simplify what, for some, is a difficult and daunting journey to parenthood. With personal experience guiding our philosophy, our unique team brings an unmatched level of service and support to help guide intended parents, egg donors and surrogates through an often complex process. We believe it's our unique experience navigating this process that allows our team to provide all sides of this partnership with the best resources, support and information to maximize the overall chances for success.

It's exactly this approach and experience that has helped IED earn the respect of the nation's leading fertility experts. In fact, some of the most distinguished and well-respected fertility resources in the U.S., India, and China refer patients to a select few agencies, Indian Egg Donors being one of them. And still others in that group refer exclusively to IED. There isn't better proof that IED is the gold standard in service, recruitment and matching for the fertility industry.

Our Approach

For recipients, donor and surrogates, neither the decision to participate, nor the process itself is easy. But they can be easier when you enlist the help of experienced, educated professionals. Our clients look to us to make a daunting journey as easy as possible. To do that, we've focused our efforts on lowering or eliminating barriers to success, while ensuring expert guidance and support throughout the process. How do we do it? We follow these specific guidelines: Efficiency, Proficiency, and Dedication.

With more than 10 years of experience, we have cultivated the most effective methods for recruiting and screening exceptional donors and surrogates, as well as best practices for supporting the match throughout the process. It's only this kind of continuity and personal hands-on attention - from the beginning of the process to its conclusion - that makes an optimal match. We also know that success rides on building strong bonds and trusting relationships with intended parents, donors and surrogates, as well as with the medical specialists and facilities that oversee the process clinically. Our reputation attracts a steady stream of prospective donor and surrogate candidates hoping to join the IED pool. Our stringent screening process ensures that only the strongest candidates (roughly five percent) make the grade. Because our staff members have been either intended parents or egg donors themselves, we are exceptionally attuned to the highly emotional nature of this process. This is reflected in the way we treat every intended parent, donor and surrogate. And that we believe should make us your choice for all fertility and surrogate needs.

And that we believe should make us your choice for all fertility and surrogate needs.


Egg Donation, Surrogacy and support services are is provided at three locations depending upon the needs of the patients. These include:

  • USA USA, New York and California
  • Ghana Africa
  • India India

We are headquartered in New York, NY, licensed and registered as an egg donor agency by the State of New York since 2008 under the corporate name of DGA, Inc. The egg donor agency,, is one of the largest and oldest egg donor agencies in the USA and has over 1,000 egg donors available.

We also provide frozen eggs from a large database as needed.

Meet Our Team


Practice Director in New York

Egg Donor and surrogacy coordinator in New York

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