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In its capacity as the globe's most extensive Asian Ovum Repository, we constantly seek to establish novel partnerships with esteemed In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) facilities to meet the surging demand for Asian ovum contributors. When you choose to become one of our Certified Collaborative Centers, you can anticipate an ample supply of cryopreserved ova from elite benefactors who have undergone exhaustive evaluation and health appraisals.

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Benefits for Professionals

Advantages of Collaborating with IED

As indicated by our numerous accreditations and professional associations, our egg bank is renowned for delivering services that surpass the ordinary. We understand the challenges associated with sourcing Indian egg donors, which is why partnering with Indian Egg Donors will seamlessly augment your existing donor program. Not only do we possess an extensive donor reservoir for you to offer your patients, but we also guarantee successful recovery and fertilization rates.

We employ a singular laboratory and a unified team for all our cryopreserved egg services. This guarantees consistent excellence across all batches of frozen eggs, as the same highly skilled team that has garnered us significant acclaim will oversee your procedures. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you're interested in affiliating with Indian Egg Donors.

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Agencies in the USA: We have Indian Egg Donors Available!

If you represent an Egg Donor Agency in the USA seeking egg donors of Indian origin, we are pleased to collaborate with you and offer such donors from our database. We work with many agencies and welcome setting up a relationship with you. Email us at


Agencies in India: We have Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian Egg Donors Available!

We work with several IVF Centers in India that need egg donors of Indian origin from different parts of India, as well as Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian egg donors, on a continuous basis.

If you have female donors available that are educated with at least a BA degree, attractive and between 21-29 years old, please contact us with a list.


Agencies Nationwide: We invite Egg Donors from all ethnic backgrounds!

We have a continuous need for Egg Donors of all origins, preferably attractive Caucasian females with blonde hair and blue eyes living in the Tri-State area, educated with college degrees, between the age of 21-29. They will need to travel to India as part of our surrogacy program.

Looking for Egg Donors


If you are a physician doing IVF, we welcome hearing from you. Physician Consulting Support and medical questions about the program in the USA can be sent to us. We are actively looking for relationships with medical practices in India and the USA that currently provide IVF and Surrogacy services. If you are a medical practice and would like to provide IVF services to Indians in the USA using egg donors, please contact us. We frequently receive requests from potential patients in major USA cities seeking a referral to an IVF Center near their homes.

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Indian Egg donor Frozen

INDIAN EGG DONORS - You’re Trusted Frozen Egg Donor Partner

Indian Egg Donors, your trusted source for frozen donor eggs, provides a wide selection of pre-screened, FDA-compliant donors to aid recipients in creating their families.

The Donor Database at Indian Egg Donors features one of the largest selections of high-quality frozen donor eggs in the United States. We maintain close communication with all our donor egg recipients at every step of the journey. We are dedicated to supporting individuals and couples, including those from the LGBTQ+ community, who are using frozen donor eggs to build their families. Together, we embark on the journey of family building with pride.

Discover your donor

Discover Your Donor

Frozen donor eggs have transformed the landscape of possibilities for IVF treatments.

When you're prepared, Indian Egg Donors has readily available frozen donor eggs, eliminating concerns about synchronizing cycles between donors and recipients. If a donor is active on our website, those eggs are ready for shipment. There's no need for delays; as soon as you're ready, you can proceed promptly with an Indian Egg Donors donor.


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