How to Choose Best IVF & Test Tube Baby Clinic in India

The issue Intended Parents face when trying to decide which IVF center to pick, is how to select one, given the amount of incomplete and unreliable information that exists on the Internet.

IVF is now a big business in India. The streets of New Delhi have signs everywhere broadcasting “Test Tube Baby.”

On entering one of these clinics, one sees a combination of Indians from all walks of like, some educated, some poor, some rich, who have come in with a suitcase full of cash and hope on their faces, to have a baby for which they have pinned.

But many are uninformed, and they do not know if the doctor is even qualified, what are the success rates for IVF and are they ever going to have their baby?

Some have selected the center based on price. But if they do not get the baby they want, then they will have lost the money they spent. So, the low price becomes meaningless.

The unanswered question is how competent and reliable these centers are and what are their success rates.

Current Legal Status:

India does not have a specific law governing IVF, but the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) issued guidelines for regulating IVF clinics. These guidelines cover aspects like confidentiality, consent, and mandatory counseling for couples seeking IVF.

However, despite these laws, as of 2017, less than 20% of IVF clinics and 2% of ART centers in India are registered with the ICMR.

As of April 2022, all fertility clinics, gamete banks, and surrogacy clinics in India must register with the National ART and Surrogacy Registry.

But this has not happened.

For example, as of May 2023, out of 557 ART clinics, only 57 registered in Karnataka. Experts said many IVF clinics across the country operate with semi-trained staff and no expertise in the field that put patients’ lives at risk. Hence, such regulations are required from time to time to regulate the industry.

But the Experts confirm that services are not properly regulated, and the quality of treatment is variable. Others say that the high registration fees, scope for corruption, high levels of punishment, and the push to corporatize IVF practice are some of the issues.

How to select an IVF Clinic in India?

First find out what sort of tests or procedures you could require in the future before you start looking for a reproductive clinic. Also, think about how far you are willing to go with this process ahead of time.

Treatments for infertility can cost tens of thousands of Rupees and include powerful medicines or hormones. It can also be a roller coaster of emotions. Knowing your boundaries will prevent you from being persuaded to have an operation you do not want or cannot afford.

When it comes to selecting a clinic, do your homework ahead of time.

Test tube baby clinics, commonly referred to in medical terms as IVF centers, provide assisted reproductive technology (ART) services, including IVF, to help individuals and couples conceive a child. The quality and success rates of these clinics can vary widely, depending on factors such as the expertise of the medical staff, the technology and procedures used, and the individual circumstances of the patients.

Patients are advised to research and consult multiple clinics to understand their success rates, treatment options, and compliance with the latest regulations to make an informed decision.

What Should I Ask at the Fertility Clinic?

Check to see if the clinic has a competent quality control system in place as well as a strong code of ethics. At each one you visit, ask a lot of questions, such as:

  • Have the medical director, doctors, and Embryologist been there for a long time? High personnel turnover might indicate poor management and contribute to errors.
  • What procedures do you perform and how often do you execute them? Make sure the clinic offers a variety of infertility treatments and is up to date on the latest technologies.
  • Do you have any treatment age restrictions? It is a good sign if the clinic is worried about ethical difficulties if this is the case.
  • Who chooses how many embryos go back in, you or the doctor ?
  • What is the cost of treatment? While you do not want to decide based solely on price, knowing the fees ahead of time will help you understand what you are getting into.
  • Who has rated them for quality?
  • What is their success rate?
  • Most importantly, have they met the high standard required to be FDA Certified?

If the clinic says they are too busy to answer your queries, go somewhere else. Once you are patient, they might not have time to answer your inquiries.

How does Indian Egg Donors evaluate which IVF clinics to use in India?

We let the USA Government’s FDA help!

Unfortunately, due to the scope of corruption in ratings in India, we are not comfortable with the numerous ratings that are on the internet.

Especially, as we are a USA based licensed, insured, and regulated Egg Donation and Surrogacy practice. We currently do over 600 IVF procedures, involving egg donation and surrogacy, with affiliated IVF centers. It is important for us to main the high quality of services we currently provide to all Intended Parents, including referrals to centers in India for IVF, egg donation and surrogacy.

The USA Government’s Federal Drug Administration (FDA) along with SART, rates and maintains a database of over 700 IVF centers in the USA, which cover about 90% of all IVF work in the USA. In addition, the FDA also rates overseas centers.

Unfortunately, in India, out of hundreds of centers, only five have met the FDA’s Standard of Excellence.

To maintain our reputation for excellence, out of these five centers we have selected one each in Delhi and Mumbai, to refer intended parents to.

In this selection process, we have focused on the quality of the center, its success rates, and staffing expertise, rather than on price alone in making these recommendations, to best protect your interests as an intended parent. While they are priced a bit higher than some IVF centers in India, their success rates are much higher. Also, you get the egg donor you select, not a lower cost substitute.

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