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INDIA Surrogacy in India

Embryo creation using donor eggs and IVF estimated costs: . $15,000

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This continues to be legal in India even after the new ART laws were published in June 2022.
Types of Donor options available through our agency

  1. Indian

Surrogacy costs for surrogate to carry baby for nine months, legal, etc.. $39,000
Surrogates available through our agency

  1. Indian

The Surrogacy costs for surrogate to carry baby for nine months, legal, etc. is $39,000 But read below on how the new law published in June 2022 affects surrogacy in India.

Baby born in India will be Indian citizens. Intended parents must be Indian citizen or Non-Resident Indian with Indian passport. Parent must be married couples, no singles, no gay people, no lesbians No sex selection of baby is permitted.

  1. Under the new Surrogacy Bill passed by the Indian Congress, commercial surrogacy is completely banned for single and LGBTQ couples. The surrogacy bill will only permit "ethical" and "altruistic" surrogacy which will be free of any monetary transaction or payment to surrogates. In an altruistic surrogacy, other than medical bills and insurance during the pregnancy, the surrogate mother receives no monetary compensation.
  2. Even for heterosexual married couples seeking a child through surrogacy, the new laws impose lengthy and tedious processes, including the requirement that couples seeking surrogacy be married for at least five years. Read more at: ,
  3. The ban on surrogacy when one in six urban couples struggles with infertility — is forcing Indians to look at overseas options.
  4. Most of the Indian nationals are now going to Ghana to take advantage of the high success rates and lowest surrogacy cost of around $49,000 for surrogacy with one of the highest worldwide success rates.
  5. Ukraine used to be a great option but due to the war with Russia it is no longer a preferred destination. Instead, next to Ukraine is Georgia
  6. In Georgia, where commercial surrogacy is legal and the cost is around $59,000 for surrogacy cost, is emerging as a potential destination as a good second option after Ghana.
  7. A great option continues to be to create your embryos in India using low-cost IVF and then ship them overseas. This continues to be legal for now in India. You will need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to export the embryos from India. We can help you arrange for it. Once this is issued, our affiliated IVF Courier Service will hand pick up the frozen embryos in a frozen tank container and transport them out of India for overseas delivery.

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