How do you get a donor egg?

Our database of over 1,000 donors is at your service, to ensure you will find an Egg Donor that matches your specific criteria.

We ae an egg donation and surrogacy agency, founded in 2008 and fully licensed and registered by the State of New York. Less than 10% of the agencies in the USA are so licensed. We are proud of our consumer ratings since 2008, which are consistently five stars on the internet. We have worked with hundreds of couples to date to help them achieve their goal of a beautiful baby to make their life complete We look forward to helping you achieve this goal also.

We will provide you with all the help you need from reviewing the various egg donation options including

  1. Looking for a live egg donor
  2. Looking for frozen donor eggs
  3. Looking for a surrogate mother to carry your embryos
  4. Looking for frozen donated embryos

Conducting a search on our website means that you will have access to not only all the Indian women who have chosen to donate their eggs., but a variety of other backgrounds including Caucasian donors, Asian donors, black donors and many donors of mixed ethnic backgrounds, that are unique to our database.

How to find an egg donor that looks like you?

Not only can we help you find Indian donors of Indian origin, but you can narrow the search by various ethnic heritages. This can include the ability to identify your donor by over 50 countries of origin including Indian egg donors, Pakistani egg donors, Bangla Desh Egg Donors, Nepali Egg Donors and Sri Lankan egg donors.

The reason so many Indian couples come to us, is because many of them have spent months and years searching for the “right” Indian donor and have been frustrated.

While you may find hundreds of young women listed on egg donor agency databases, most egg donor agencies in the USA carry only one or two Indian Egg Donors, versus the hundreds of Indian egg donors we have in our database.

The primary reason for this shortage is that egg donation is not a part of the Indian culture. The donors are afraid of their families finding out that they are donating their eggs for money. More importantly, the Indian community in the USA is extremely affluent, most Indian donors come from upper middle-class families who can afford to pay for their children’s education and other needs. As such while there is happiness for Indian females in being able to donate their eggs, the financial pressure for them to donate their eggs is non-existent This results in a huge shortage of Indian Egg Donors.

How to find your anonymous egg donor?

Fortunately, with our unique recruiting expertise in the Indian community and years of experience, we have solved this problem for your benefit. All you must do to find a donor of your preference is to follow the easy steps below:

  1. 1. Click on “Looking for Egg Donors” and complete the form.
  2. 2. This will give you immediate free access to our database of egg donors.
  3. 3. Using the search engine on top of the database, enter your selection of egg donor criteria that meets your needs.
  4. 4. From the selected donors, send us a list of your top five donors ranked in order of priority
  5. 5. We will then check on their availability and send you their detailed profiles for your review.
  6. 6. On receipt of the detailed profiles, review them and then narrow your selection to your top choice
  7. 7. Send your top choice to us along with the completed forms,
  8. 8. On receipt we will speak to your IVF Center and arrange to have the donor go to the center for a medical checkup and to start the process.
  9. 9. Yes, it is that simple!

Can I specify the caste I want when choosing an egg donor from India?

Yes, you can specify and search for the caste of the donor you want in our database.

For Example, if by caste you want a Hindu, Punjabi from India, who lives in the USA, you can do that using the search criteria

Next Steps:

We look forward to being of assistance. As the next step, please feel free to call us at 1-212-661-7177 and ask for Dr. Vijaya or Dr. Eva. We welcome your phone call!

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