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We get many requests for doing surrogacy in Canada. The internet is full of surrogacy providers in Canada at all kinds of cost points.

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In summary, surrogacy is legal in Canada.

However, the issue with doing surrogacy in Canada that only altruistic surrogacy is permitted. This means that you cannot legally pay the surrogate to carry your baby.

All you can legally pay for is to reimburse the amount to the surrogate for the medical costs that were incurred for the surrogacy and transportation costs, etc.

Surrogate mothers in Canada do not get any off-the-pocket payment as in the case with the United States of America.

In addition, agencies like us are not allowed to charge money for the surrogacy process or for screening and providing surrogate matches to the parents. The Canadian government has closed many such agencies leaving the intended parents in trouble.

Surrogacy Cost in Canada: Some agencies use creative billing to pay monies to the surrogate, resulting a cost around $75000 USD. This is a base cost, and it can go up to more if the surrogate does not get pregnant right away in the very first attempt.

Based on these issues with the Canadian Laws and costs, we recommend that Intended Parents look at surrogacy in Ghana, Georgia, and the USA, as the best practical options.

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