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So you have read about low cost overseas surrogacy in Georgia for $59,000 at a much lower cost then in the USA for $120,000 and wonder if it is a viable option.  The aswer is YES!

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Due to the war in Ukraine, much of the surrogacy business from Ukraine has now moved to nearby Georgia. Surrogacy in Georgia is legal yet affordable but only available to married heterosexual couples. The Country of Georgia (an eastern European country) Embryo creation using eight caucasian donor eggs and IVF estimated costs: $16,000.

Types of Donor options available through our agency in the USA for Georgia

  1. Indian Origin Donors. Frozen eggs are created using Indians of Indian origin in the USA. All eggs are top M2 quality and FGA certified by an American Testing Clinic, as well as genetically tested.  Cost for Indian eggs is higher then for Caucasian eggs.
  2. Caucasian Origin donors. These are from local female residents in Georgia. Most donors are of Caucasian origin with blonde hair and blue eyes

Surrogacy costs for the surrogate to carry the baby for nine months, legal, etc. $59,000
Surrogates available through our agency in USA.


A baby born in Georgia  of Indian citizens will automatically be an Indian citizen.  Georgia is currently the favorite site for Indians from India looking for a surrogate mother to have a baby.

A baby born in Georgia of USA citizens will automatically be a USA citizen. One parent must be a USA citizen and will require a DNA test of the parent and baby to match, to have a USA passport issue to verify citizenship.

One parent must go in person to pick up the baby when born and go to Consulate to get a passport issued in Georgia and bring back the baby to your country. No other restrictions.

Sex selection of baby, male or female is permitted.

Surrogacy is legal only for Married couples in Georgia

For single or LGBT couples, please look at options in USA or Ghana

Location of donor and surrogates:

Surrogacy Costs by Overseas Location

  • Ukraine Canada
  • Ghana Ghana
  • India India
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