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So you have read about low cost overseas surrogacy in Ghana for $49,000 at a much lower cost then in the USA for $120,000 and wonder if it is a viable option.  The aswer is YES!

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Embryo creation using donor eggs and IVF estimated costs: . $15,000
Types of Donor options available through our agency in Ghana

  1. Black
  2. Caucasian
  3. Indian

Surrogacy costs for surrogate to carry baby for nine months, legal, etc. is $49,000.  This is perhaps the lowest worldwide cost available today for surrogacy.  Our affilated clinic in Ghana does about 600 Egg Donations, IVF's and surrogacy treatments every year.
Surrogates available through our agency in Ghana

  1. Black


Baby born in Ghana of USA citizens will automatically be a USA citizen. One parent must be USA citizen and will require DNA test of parent and baby to match to have USA passport issue to verify citizenship.

One parent must go in person to pick up baby when born and go to USA Consulate to get passport issued in Ghana and bring back baby to USA. No other restrictions.

If you are an Indian with an Indian passport, your baby will be ain Indian citizen by birth.  Our legal department in Ghana will help you obtain the passport from the Indian Embassy.

Depending on country laws of surrogacy, parent can be

  1. Single
  2. Married couple
  3. Gay
  4. Lesbian

Sex selection of baby, male or female is permitted.

Location of donor and surrogates:

Surrogacy Costs by Overseas Location

  • Ukraine Canada
  • Ukraine Georgia
  • India India
  • Ukraine Ukraine

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