Looking for a surrogacy agency near you? Look no further than Indian Egg Donors, conveniently located in New York, USA. As a premier agency specializing in surrogacy and egg donation services, we are committed to guiding aspiring parents through their transformative journey. Our physician-owned practice offers expertise, support, and care at every step of the process.

Whether you're seeking to become a surrogate mother or find an egg donor, we're here to help. Trust Indian Egg Donors to be your dedicated partner in building the family of your dreams.

Surrogacy, a transformative journey, comes in two primary types: traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy involves the surrogate using her own eggs, while gestational surrogacy entails the implantation of an embryo created from the intended parents' or donors' genetic material.

Our comprehensive process at Indian Egg Donors ensures meticulous matching, medical evaluations, legal support, and emotional care for all parties involved. Costs vary depending on individual circumstances but encompass medical expenses, legal fees, and compensation for the surrogate

The benefits of surrogacy include fulfilling parenthood dreams, genetic connection, and a supportive network throughout the process.

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